Birthday & Starbucks!

Had a lovely day today, having a Starbucks with my fabulous cousin and then went out to dinner with my family. It was realitivly quiet but that is only a temporary problem :)….

As due to my failure as a planner (only for myself, im quite good when the attentions going to be on someone else) has meant that i kinda left everything a bit late so the festivities with my friends from school and University have been put off until next weekend. Then we shall welcome the 20’s properly!!

So until then the focus is gona turn back to Uni- because although i am off for the summer i am going to be entering my final year of uni- so i have to pick a disortation topic asap! And possibly find some work experience. And finally i am searching for a new laptop. Cause my laptop has been battered and bruised for nearly 7years now- from virus’, a dying battery and the fact that it weighs an absolute ton! So its not exactly portable for research this summer and my final year. But my gosh i hate shopping – so much bribe my techy friend for advice 🙂

So wish me luck 🙂


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