Book Review: Christine Feehan, Samurai Game

Title: Samurai Game

Author: Cristine Feehan

Ok so this is my first review for this blog, so here goes 🙂 :

Christine Feehan is an author i have been following since i was about 13 and her Carpathian series introduced me to the romance/vampire genre. And i found her completely be accident because the back of her first book Dark Prince didnt really give away the vampiric aspect of her stories.

Samurai game is from Christine Feehan’s other series called ofcourse The Game Series :). This series is very different from her dark series as is focus is a psychic military group who have been psychically and genetically enhanced by the series malefactor, Dr. Whitney. This book is the 10 book in the series and i would seriously advise reading rom the start of the series because although im sure you could read this book alone i think you would miss out on alot of the backstories and not understand some of the jokes and characters. But as someone who has read the whole series i can honestly say i loved this book. It was different from the rest of the series as there is an emphasis on a women being rescued and this is how she mets her perfect partner. While trying not to spoil too much for anyone who hasnt read the series. The bad guy Dr.Whitney has genetically paired up male and female soldiers.

Samurai game answers alot of questions from previous books specifically the main character Thorn who has been mentioned in a number of books. However unlike the other female characters, Thorn was abandoned and raised outside of the influence Dr.Whitney unlike most of the girls.

And it also appears to be marking a turning point in the Ghostwalkers (what the genetically enhanced soldiers called themselves) war against Whitney, which i feel the series has been building up to and have started to really started to have an impact on his reign.

Okay i have realised that i really love this book and the characters are really different from some of Christine Feehans other books, i havent really been able to show how much i like it cause i really dont want spoli it for everyone. Because i’ll admit the first in the series Shadow game is not my favourite cause Lily is not one of my favourite, but i think its because so many of the others are considered favourites of mine (Gator, Jack & Kaden) :D.

Maybe next time i’ll start with the first in a series. But its just that i got this book for my birthday and loved it. 🙂 I promise to improve 😀


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