The Rain in….Ireland

   Okay its getting a bit ridiculous because it is near the end of June and usually this is a fairly nice time of year. But for the past week and a half it has been a serious hit and miss as to the weather. But cause right now it is torrencial rain, and i mean a solid gray bank of clouds and rain is just bucketting it down. Although its annoying cause its supposed to be summer. I am really starting to love it cause its not just rain but Thunder and Lighting. So it is a proper Storm. Not most peoples idea of fun but i love the sound of the rain on the roof while i sit all cozied up with my fuzy covers and a Huge cup of tea while reading a good book (of which i own wayyy to many) or catching up on a film.


   So from my home to yours, i hope yous are safe and sound and all cozied up wherever you may be 🙂


p.s. Unlike me, my puppy (who is almost 9yrs old) called Friday is not loving the storm :s


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