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Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  Okay after that downer of my previous post here is something a little more up beat 🙂

This is a little link to the Lizzy Bennet Diary on Youtube. It is a fairly new video series created by Hank Green of the Nerdfighters.

Hank Green alongside his brother John Green the author of a Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns; they have created an online community aimed at not only creating some good in the world through charity but by spreading their message:

DFTBA – Dont Forget To Be Awesome

Which basically means to be yourself and spread the awesome anyway you can. 🙂

   Hank Greens new project is an adaptation of the traditional Elizabeth Bennet story in Pride and Prejudice only it has been modernised and the new Lizzie Bennet is in the modern day and is about to graduate from University. With the perfect older sister Jane who is working in fashion and a crazy younger sister Lydia (there are only 2, not 5 sisters) who is the party girl of the family. And finally Lizzie’s best friend Charlotte, who helps with the project. It is very funny and in some ways relatable while other parts are overdramatic which is to be expected from like their crazy and marriage obsessed mother.

   We never get to see the rest of her family or (Sadly) Mr.Darcy and Mr.Bingley, (although i am holding on to hope because Mr. Collins appeared in a recent video). Only the sisters and Charlotte telling the story throught video diaries.

   But this is definatly worth following as a series. For the comedic value and as a fan of the original Pride and Prejudice it fills the gap between the centuries. And what fuelled this was seeing the Actress Laura Spencer on the newest episode of 2 Broke Girls on E4 which is another ridiculously hilarious show which i have fallen in love with but is for another post :).

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