The Flinch and Doughnuts…

   While im sitting here with my giant mug of tea and a rasberry doughnut -yumyum!! 🙂 One of my dietry weaknesses along side Galaxy chocolate and Ben&Jerry’s chunky monkey ice-cream.

   Bit of randomness i know but i do have a reason. I am currently reading a very short book called The Flinch written by Julien Smith. It is a free book on the Kindle with Amazon.


   It is a book dedicated to over coming your own in-grained weaknesses which we have either been born with or have delevoped while growing up. I discovered this book through Hank Green on the Vlogbrothers, who is a great example of what the book represents and advocates.

   The Flinch advocates overcoming your fears and self-conciseness in your everyday life and having the confidence to reach out for your dreams – despite the risks, despite the possibilities of failure and any resulting embaressment you may fear (both realistic or just inside your head – which is usually where your fear really exists).

   It has a number of exercises to overcome that natural reaction – The Flinch. That voice inside your head as you walk into a new situation, which causes your feet to freeze to the ground and your brain mentally stutters and you feel like a four year old with a home-made wooden sword being told to take on a Hungarian Horntail!! lol

Tumblr_luz0l1lf151qc2eojo1_500_large   It is these small daily challenges -like stepping into a freezing cold shower every morning for a week :s -which can stop a person from working hard enough to achieve their best. Be it in their work, at school or University because they fear that their is somebody better, smarter, braver than themselves aiming for the same thing, that your just not good enough to achieve such a dream. Quitting before you ever try, means that you have 0% chance of reaching your dreams. And even if you only have a 1% chance of reaching your aim it is always better than nothing.

   As they say:

“Reach high, aim for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land amoung the stars”

Because it is always better to take risks in your life and fail than to never take a hold on any opportunites. Because i am only 20 years old but i have already missed opportunites and as it is the summer before my final year of University and i am trying to choose a topic for my dissortation. So i have decided that it is time for a change in my life. I am no longer going to be the nervous mousy, bubble wrap child that i have always been. Partly because that is just who i am as a person and partly due to how i was raised. I was always the nerdy book worm in the family and was generally the smallest. And although i was never bullied – it was just more of a case that i never really fit in. I played sports – i just wasnt the best. like my family. I was the child that hide with a J.K. Rowling or Neil Gaiman novel at christmas rather than try to play haunts with my cousins.


   So reach for your dreams and never give up because it is all worth it for a chance at what you really want in life. Because most of those times in your life when you are the most self-conscience and feel t=like the entire world is staring at you and waiting for you to fall on your face, stutter or just make a fool out of yourself for challenging your limits and trying something new- is when the least number of people care what your doing because they are feeling the exact same way. Dont let them get you down – because anyone does try to pull you down, is trying to take you down to their level because they are sick at having to look up at you and arent worth a minute of you day never mins having an impact on you life.


Sorry if this blog got a little rant-ish and may have got a little lost in translation…

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