Pottermore: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

   I am really excited at the moment 🙂 The second book in the Pottermore online alongside story line that J. K Rowling created after the release of the last book as a means of providing more Harry Potter knowledge.

   It travels through each chapter in the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. And through each chapter it goes through vital scenes in each book like Harry’s room under the stairs, his first trip to Diagon alley and the Hall in Hogwarts.


   And now the Chamber of Secrets has been opened  (:D hehe)and the first four chapters were avaliable. But now they have gotten even better and interactive – with new activities to reach new levels. Like De-Gnoming the Weasleys Gardens – which was ridiculously funny and enjoyable and maintaining a floating violet dessert.


   I was one of the crazy Potter addicts who was trying repeatedly to get to get early access to the Pottermore site – and Yes i did!! 🙂 And yes i am a total Potterhead 🙂

   But i would totally advise any Potter fans to check out the site and join in! 🙂



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