Coming Soon…

   Just wanted to let you’s know that i recently got Neil Gaimans book, American Gods and i have only started it yesturday but i am extcited about getting through it because I have been a huge fan of Neil Gaimans work for a number of years now, starting with his book Neverwhere.

   Neverwhere is a story about an alternitive London under London and the adventre of an ordinary man when he accidently got pulled into this other London and works with the other main character named Door and her role in saving her life and world. With out wanting to spoil anything for anyone who wants to try it out, it is an awesome book with the classically odd and hilarious style of all of Neil Gaimans books.

   But back to American Gods, this book has been out for a while but i am only getting round to it now, but i am very excited to review this book and hope to get back to you’s soon.



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