The Amazing Spiderman!!

   O.My.Gosh i saw the new Spiderman last night and it was AWESOME!! Okay so i am a huge fan of the Marvel films since i was no age, because my neighbours and wanna-be older brothers loved the Comics and cartoons. I never really read the comics myself but the films are awesome!! But not just Spiderman but i also love the Fantastic Four, Hulk, and especially especially the Ironman films –  because Tony Stark/Robert Downey jr. is just awesome! Thor is also quite cool because Chris Hemsworth is (whisper: Hot), although i honestly didnt think the film was that great.


   However in relation to the Toby Maguire Spiderman films, i am still a fan of this as Toby maguire is able to body the very nerdy, awkward persona of the original spiderman. However…..I fear i have a new favourite…. 🙂 okay so the main reasons i prefer the amazing spiderman:

1. Andrew Garfeild is wayyyy cuter than Toby Maguire 🙂 and i know thats shallow of me, but very true.

2. I love the new origins story: its better with his parents experimentation and his involvment in Dr.Connors lab and the Spider.

3. The fact that the movie is closer to the comics because in this movie actually has to make his own web shotters.

4. Although the older movies didnt make Spiderman stupid, but in the new one he seems smarter.

5. Also I think I prefer Gwen to M.J. as the heroine. Because i like M.J she could be a little air headed at times. which is nothing against the actress, just the way she was protrayed. Plus i feel that a little bit of the real life romance better Andrew Garfeild and Emma Stone came through in the movie and made it easier to feel and believe in the characters romance, so that you felt and laughed along with them.

6. And you have to love Stan Lee’s appearance in the film, really the coolest librarian ever!

7. And finally the comedy in this film was also alot sharper and wittier (sp), and it was just more natural to watch Andrew Garfeild in that comedic role than Maguire.


   So in conclusion, it was awesome, i fell in love with it and i am now waiting impatiently for the second installment. 🙂

   Let me know if any of you’s have saw the film and what you’s thought 🙂

   Maebhe x


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