Lara Adrian and starbucks

   Okay so i thought my day started out kinda quiet uninteresting. I was forced to abandon a majority my starbucks this morning before work because of work and it was just one of those days you get in retail where there are lots of people but they are more like tourists than customers – just want to look but dont really want any help or to by stuff.

   However my day has taken a turn for the better because while nosying on twitter as i like to do because i dont actually use my twitter to talk or follow antone i actually know in person. I use it more as a means of following people i like, like authors and organisations i am a fan off. Ranging from WWF and Antarctic Ocean Alliance through to publishers and Authors – which many also use like mini-blogs from Neil Gaimen through to the focus of this post Lara Adrian.

   Lara Adrian is a long term favourite author of mine which i found be absolute accident when i was 13/14 and was one of the authors to introduce me to Urban Fantasy. Her books are awesome because not only do they fulfil the action requirements for any book i like but also the have a strong romance element. But unlike some, her couples vary to express nearly every kind of women. From softer girly females through to tougher kick ass females who rescue themselves.

   SO what made my day was that while on twitter i say a tweet about LambCon which she is going to be at this year and she was telling how she was going to be giving out temp- tattoos inspired by the books. Which to many may seem child-like i found absolutly hilarious and fabulous. Also i was just kinda jealous because honestly i want to go but sadly i am stuff on the wrong side of the pond. And to make my day she offered to seen me one when they come into stock. Which just seemed so nice i couldnt believe it. 🙂

   So i am in such a good mood it is ridiculous 😀

    Maebhe x

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