Aspirations and Inspiration…

   So i am a huge Youtube addict. I love the idea of people being able to spread an idea, inspiration and even teach through the internet. Sharing skills and ideas with people they may never meet or get any financial gain from, although it is possible to make some money from Youtube, but for the majority, purely for the ability to spread a message or idea for a common good.

   One pf my favourite youtubers is the VlogBrothers – especially Hank Greene. Not only because of their extremely positive message which they have spread through the web and use their dedicated followers to do good deeds, like on each of the brother’s birthdays instead of gifts etc they choose a charity and ask for donations. With an aim at making a difference in the world and as their catch line dictates:

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome! 

Here is a link to Hanks channel and his newest video


And here is a link to the latest Vlogbrothers video featuring John Greene – Vlogger/Author:


   However what actually inspired this little ramble was a video i saw here:


which is video about a short film that is being made by @emilydianaruth called  @WatersFineFilm. It is an independant film and she is looking for donations and support. Now it doesnt have to be money but they are looking for help in spreading the work and even help on simply feeding the crew :), which i think is awesome because it is such are hard economic time for everyone that money isnt always avalible to donate – whatever the cause may be.

   It was actually ayoutube video by Micheal Aranda, a very funny youtuber and is even insightful at times like in his latest video:


who i found through the Vlogbrothers who also has very awesome hair 🙂

   So i just really liked this cause and it inspired me to help spread the message a little and a couple of people who ideas and message to help do better in the world even if its just to make you stop and think for a second about what you’ve done today or simply make you laugh.

   And i hope this encourages you to keep reaching for your dreams by any means possible 🙂

Let me know what you’s think and if there are any people/charities etc that you like/follow.

Maebhe x


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