Reading distractions

   Okay so this summer reading is getting a little bit ridiculous – even for me. But the number of books that i am trying to read at once and actually manage to get through them in a decent amount of time is impossible.

   Okay so not technically impossible. Because if i had nothing else to do but spend my days dreaming away in my comfy clothes, with a cup of tea and a good book i can burn through a decent sized novel in a day or two, when i get really sucked into a story line.

   However, the desthroyer of all summers is the:Part time Job. Which has kinda started to take over my summer. Not to say im not happy getting over time at the moment because its usually ridiculously hard to get, and i know my over time will dwindle once again when i return to Uni in a couple of weeks time. But i have just recently become conscience of how long ago i said i was planning to do a review on Neil Gaimans American Gods, Because i picked it up again and realised i wasnt very far through it yet.

   Not because it isnt good, because it definatly is and the lead character Shadow is going on me more and more as i get along. Its just that this summer i have found a number of good books and trying to squeeze them in between shifts and attempting to be resonably sociable, means that i have failed to make progress anywhere.

   Besides the long list of distractions in everyday life from results, reapplying for student loans and train cards, DISSERTATIONS and little brothers getting their tonsils out = Stress!

   But on better news i have found so very good books and so i have just been interested in finding out more about:

1. Neil Gaimans American Gods

2. Robin Hobb Assassins Apprentice

3. Jennifer Rardin Bite Marks

4. Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark

5. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimans Good Omens

6. Lynsay Sands The Rogue Hunter

And some re-reads:

1. Laurell K Hamilton Lunatic Cafe, The Killing Dance and Burnt Offerings

2. J. R. Ward Lover Unleashed

   So although i love reading and sometimes i just get a line/quote/scene in my head which means i have to re-read a book, heres hoping i manage to finish some of these soon.




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