Awesome-ness of Lara Adrian…

   So my week has been a fairly steady pattern of working and sleeping as of late. Because admittedly i am not a morning person, so early mornings are not exactly my thing.:s My only other past time has been my hopes of possibly spotting Rupert Grint while he is Northern Ireland, although so far i have been unsuccessful but i working tomorrow so the hunt continues, hoping for a possible #HarryPotterFanGirlMoment lol 😀

   However there has been one major high to my week so far, which is in connection with the title. As i am a fan of Urban Fantasy & Historical Romance writer Lara Adrian. And for a long time now i have followed her Midnight Breed series. But recently i have discovered that she is not only an incredibly talented writer but also (quite unsurprisingly), an incredibly nice person.

   This i discovered when i had the opportunity to speak to her breifly while on twitter about her recent converntion – Lamb-Con and some of the goodies and excitment that was coming up in connection with it. This of course made me a little jealous because i couldnt go as i am on the wrong side of the pond as they say.When this incredibly awesome lady said that she would send me one of the novelty temp-tattoos from the convention, depicting a crimson moon and teardrop which plays a connecting role in her novels. Which seemed more than i ever expected, merely having her respond to one of my tweets.

   However this was nearly 2months ago and in many respects i had forgotten about her possibily sending me something, as being an unrealistic dream. Only to arrive home from work 2days ago to something extra special. Ms. Adrian had not only sent me the promised temp tattoos which made me laugh and have alreasy got me thinking of hallowe’en in august, but she also sent me a handful on bookmarks and the piece de resistance: a signed bookplate/sticker. And yes i had a total fan girl moment.

   As because i live in Ireland and a majority of the authors i follow are Americans i havent had the opportunity to met any of them although i do hope to meet some of them during my potenial trip to the states in the coming year. (fingers crossed and purse strings pulled tight) 🙂

   This has made this extra special for me and i hope to meet and thank her in person some day. So i wanted to put some of my thanks out into the internet and hopfully encourage some of yous who she is unknown to, to try her books. They are an awesome balance between action and romance, especailly as the serie continues. but i definatly recommend reading them in order as the later novels are plot heavy, so the first couple would be okay to read independantly, but i think you’ll get the most enjoyment if they are read in order. If anyone tries them, please let me know what you’s think.

Maebhe x


2 thoughts on “Awesome-ness of Lara Adrian…

    1. Thank you for reading my little blogginess and letting me know what you think. Im veryy new to this and looking to improve and i will try and put up a photo of my temp tattoo when i manage to wear it 😀
      Thank you again,

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