Family, University and trying to socialise…

   So admittedly i classify myself as ‘Socially Challenged’. 😀 So its not that i have no friends or i never go out, i am just very bad at approaching people to organise a night out or accept an invitation out unless i know everything and have had time to organise a way there, back, place to stay. So yes i am a worrier and maybe a litttttle ocd…:). But the last month has gotten a little crazy in early nearly every aspect of life.

   So in relation to work i work in retail selling footwear and sadly, although it is for a positive reason, there has been a serious turn over in part time staff at the moment because lots of people are leaving to start or return to uni-. So there are a nmber of girls who have befriended from work who are going to be leaving northern ireland for uni. But its not forever and gives me more reasons to travel 🙂 until they come back at christmas.

   But their leaving was actually very fun because we had a fabulous night out in Belfast, in which we went out for something to eat at a place called the CafeVaudeville, which had the most amazing food ever because i got the most delicious steak ever! and then me and the girls decided to stay and have a couple of drinks, and sneaky girls that they are, even tho they were younger than me decided it was time for to let lose a little. So the Strawberry Dacquiri’s started flowing and there is a surprising amount of alcohol in them. But no i was drunk but they all seemed to think it was hilarious to get me what i call ‘giggle tipsy’.

   Next my wee bro got his GCSE results – so my family was able to release a huge sigh of relief that he did really well and got back into school to do his A-levels. Which is a life saver, because if he had to have stayed at home 24-7 somebody would have killed him…probably…

   The waiting game has started on going back to uni. Because i have gotten my early entrance to my modules for this year but the stress has begun surrounding student fiance – i just want an answer already! And i really need to change one of my modules :s SO Stress!

   And all this plus work has meant that i havent had a chance to read very much this summer – so really need to get back into it and start battling the mountain of books which are taking over my side table!!


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