Book Rescue

Okay so say my last book disappointed me -ALOT 😦 But all is not lost!! I actually found 2 awesomes books at the same time as the disappointing book. So the first book i found i mentioned in my previous post which is

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This is a very good book and i got recommended it because i read the Hunger Games and Joey graceffia on Youtube does a really good review of this book, plus he is funny.

And the second book is called –

“Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson”

This is a book i found out about on the Orbit facebook page and i fell in love. Because i am a huge werewolf addict. Like Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Other World introduced me to Urban Fantasy when i was about 11 and i fell in love with her series especially Elena and Clayton’s books – because yes they are werewolves, but the protagonist in each book changes which means it continues to be interesting and they pull you along and keep you fascinating – But that is an entirly different blog 🙂

So i am going to review both these books and yes i will eventually get back to Neil Gaimans American Gods and i have also started Robin Hobb’s Assassins Apprentice. But both of these are like ‘proper’ sci-fi and i have been doing a load of over time and i have seen the inside of dentist’s too much this summer 😦 so i have been needing something really light to read so i have been doing ALOT  of re-reads of some of my favourites and then like what i have been talking(typing) about, YA books so just mellow out. 🙂

 So hope your summer has went well and that for those of you who are back at school are happy and those getting ready to go back (like me -26th!) that you are ready and excited!


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