Review: Amanda Carlson, Full Blooded

Tea-in-hand: Check


Born the only female in an all-male werewolf race, Jessica McClain isn’t just different – she’s feared.

After living under the radar for the last twenty-six years, Jessica is thrust unexpectedly into her first change, a full ten years late. She wakes up and finds she’s in the middle of a storm. Now that she’s become the only female full-blooded werewolf in town, the supernatural world is already clamouring to take a bite out of her. Now her new Pack must rise up and protect her.

But not everyone is on board. There are certain superstitious werewolves who think Jessica means an end to their race – and they’re not about to go down without a fight.

Okay so i am in LOVE with this book for a number of reasons:

1. I Love Werewolves. Okay since i was no age i have loved werewolves because i would sit with my dad and watch old horror movies  and one of my early memories i have of going out with my dad to walk our first dog, Finn and he told me a very silly joke which stuck with me – (p.s only works under a full moon :D) “i used to be a werewolf, but im alright nooowww(howl this!) – crappy i know but it stuck with me. And i love searching for new werewolf protagonist books – but sadly i have failed to find many that have a new or interesting adaptation because while i like the traditional wolfman mythology i prefare the new propably more shape shifter mythology were they have more control over there ‘alter ego’.

2. Kelley Armstrong. Okay i was pretty much sold on this book by the tags on the cover which said that fans of Kelley Armstrong should read this book. Because Kelley Armstrong’s book Bitten introduced me to the world of Urban Fantasy and fuelled my addiction. I thank her daily. 😀

3.Karen Chance. Is another author whos book i love because that are weird and exciting and funny but these are different blogs. But if yous try her books are want to know more please ask. I would love to convert more people to these books because Cassandra Palmer is one of my favourites characters, she makes me laugh so much and is a disaster magnet. But back to Book! This was her review/quote on her site:

“Amanda Carlson’s FULL BLOODED is full of all good things: danger, excitement, an original, LIKEABLE heroine and some great mythological mayhem. Bring on book 2!”

~ Karen Chance, NYT & USA Today Bestselling author


Okay after my fan girl moment. – BEWARE may be minor spoilage!

This book has a is really good storyline altho admittedly at first it kinda worried me that it would be too similar to Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten – because there is a similarity in refer to the storylines basis, which is that she is only female werewolf in the world. But to be honest the similarity ends there!

Jessica McClain is completely unprepare for her ‘complete’ entrance into the supernatural world, as after her 26th birthday she turns for the first time to her surprise and the surprise of her family. Who had believed she was never shift as her twin brother who was also a were- had already changed and the change traditionally came alot earlier for male werewolves.

As stated in the blurb, her ‘existance might spell out the doom of her race’ but more specifically it is her change in to a full werewolf and not merely an oddity, being a twin was her first failure in regard to her existance as they are extremely rare in their society but being female was the biggest problem. But before her change a majority could simply ignore her existance. But the discovery of her turning forced their recognition of her existance.

But this is were her life begins to turn upside down as the consquences of her emergence into the supernatural society and their reactions. And there is a minor love interest in this book, but Jessica is definately the sole focus of this book, but the ‘Guy’ is pretty awesome- can we say tough-as-nails. 😀


Jessica is a fun character, because she is a very self-confident and funny character. But there is one flaw within this book that annoyed me, but i am a little nick-picky. Her toughness and ‘no, dont save me’ got a little repeatitve at one stay of the book about 3/4 of the way through. And while i am not a huge fan of ‘damsels in distress’ in books, because it has to be written really well or they end up being really annoying, but the opposite can also be true, where a female character is sooo determined to be independant, when its more assistance than ‘me cave-man, you woman’ senario. Woo little rant there, female middle ground is hard to find in protagonist characters.:)

But i definatly wouldnt want this to put yous off reading this book, as over all it is awesome and funny. Especially as it is a new author i am even more impress and i am definately wanting to read the second book already.

As always i would love to hear if any of you’s decide to give this book a go. And i’d always like to hear contructive criticism and any thoughs on how i can continue to improve. Thank you, hope this didnt get too rambly cause it was done over a couple of nights due to dodgie computers 🙂


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