Amanda Carlson, Full Blooded Competition -1 of 6

So as i have said Amanda Carlson’s book Full Blooded is her debut novel and therefore the name of the game is trying the spread the news a bit about her book. But this time it can also be a benefit for you too 🙂

At the moment on her site below, there is a competition running on her site stating that for every 50 new followers to her twitter account she will be hosting a new Giveaway until she reaches 1000 subscribers. This means that you have 6 chances to win some very fun goodies. So you dont have to followher twitter to enter her competition but it will help progress through the competitions and give you more chances of winning.

The first competition is running right now and you have a chance to win:

A Mug with the pack logo from her book, as well as a bookmark, signed bookplate that will be personalised to you and pack stickers.

  •  Now all you have to do is go to her site below:


  • Read the rules and regulations before entering
  • And simply enter you email & name. Or use your facebook, but make sure you leave your email address too because that is how they will contact you.

Good luck & I hope you’s enjoy 😀



Disclaimer: I am not being paid by any of the mentioned Companies or Writers to make this post. The views in this blog are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies or involved in any way with this competition.

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