Twitter addiction & Author awesomeness

So i am a bit of a Twitter addict but it more as a means of following Authors i like and keeping up to date on issues i beleive in. These include charities like MacMillian Cancer Support and Love 146 who i am firm supporters of.

But my main reason for creating a twitter was specifically to keep up to date with the authors i am addicted too, specifically at the time it was Laurell k Hamiliton, Kelley Armstrong and Neil Gaimen. But along the way i have discovered more authors use twitter as a means communicating with their followers.

I have had a couple of experiences where i have been able to communicate with them like on my birthday i got a couple messages back from authors i follow. Kelley Armstrongs was particularly nice. 🙂

In a previous post i also mentioned my interactions with the lovely interation with the equally lovely Lara adrian. Which enabled me to get a little something from  LAMB CON which i am on the wrong side of the globe to become involved in.

But today i had another awesome experience with Amanda Carlson the author, whoes book Full Blooded i just reviewed. She is not only an brilliant new writer, but a kind and funny incredibly funny woman to talk to.  She was even nice enough to read my review and apparently “it wa perfect”.

That not only gave me a little warm and fuzzy moment, as it is clear to see i am very new to the blogging world but this is something i havent wanted to get into for a couple of years now but was too worried that i would be a flop. And this has gave me all new confidence to continue to write and improve. As my end goal is to do what she does andwrite, but i am also working to get into the publishing industry from the inside through my degree.

SO just wanted to put it out there to encourage others to give her book a try and even contact here through twitter @amandaccarlson as she is (again) incredibly nice.

But i was want to fill you’s in on a very cool competition that she is carrying out in relation to her first release on her site – check next post for full details.


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