Uni & Countdown to Hallowe’en

Its offically the countdown to Hallowe’en!! 😀

To put it mildly im excited about Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday 🙂 It presents the perfect excuse to dress as mad as you like with no rebruke. That and eat as much junk food as i like. I do have a weakness for caramel apples 😉

And this is coming at the end of my first week back to uni. Which to be honest was quite uneventful because its mostly made up of introductory lectures and breifings on how the module will be laid out. But it also the week of the freshers fair, which are always fun. Because it gives you an opportunity to see what organisations and charities etc that you have a chance to get involved in, which as i mentioned before is an important part of university life.

But back to Hallowe’en! It is the first of Octuber and therefore i have started my countdown to hallowe’en and have begun my hunt for this years outfit, as i have been very lazy for the past two hallowe’ens and simply worn the same witches outfit. But to be honest the main reason for this is because i am so incredibly indecisive. :s

So i ma now carrying my notebook around with me constantly and adding to my list of costume ideas. Sheeesh i better decide soon tho, or i’ll never have time to get my idea organised. That and baking and craving pumpkins will mkae my hallowe’en complete 😀

But let me know what you’s are dressing up as and what your plans include…


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