Tea Blog: back to uni

Back at uni one week and already: Swamped!!

This is unusual because the first week of uni is generally an introduction week, you have your first lecture for each module and theeennnn you get thrown into the full uni working ewxperience. Which in my case as a history major, it means not only read the primary sources but doing extra secondary readings and answering the topic questions and actually laying out a decent plan for each tutorial.

But to be honest so far i think im in study shock

For some reason this year it feels like i haven’t been working in years when really it was just a summer. Plus i have spent this summer working in my part time job, writing and Reading 😀 And so far i havent really been able to shake myself out of summer mode. Because i have complained about my book mountain before because it acts like a mini mountain of temptation right beside my bed and now because of its dramatic rate of growth this summer it has emigrated to my work desk – which to say the least is not helpful in the slightest. But i am desperately running out of room to house my books 😦 so sad because at the same time i cant get rid of any of them either.  SoOo at the moment i have a mountain of new reads, which consists of alot of High Fantasy which a good friend from uni convert me to over the summer like Robin Hobb, when i have until now, have been an Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Romance novels because that is how i found reading when i was about 11/12 years old – although admittedly some may have been a little un-age appropriate and i had to skip parts because they made me ‘uncomfortable’ (insert blush here) and only realised this in recent years. 🙂

Currently i am writing to you when really i should be reading tutorial work i am forcing myself to put down my Robin Hobb and telling myself not to pick up my Jim Butcher!! There is no hope!!

My name is Maebhe and i am Book Addict…

And as usual i got my usual craving for a cup of tea, telling myself that we’ll go make some tea and then sit down and finish my uni reading. And i achieved 2 out of 3, because Robin Hobb just magically appeared in my hand saying “Read me!” and then suddenly my tea was gone and i still hadnt finished :s. AND now im wasting more time and my brains already coming up with alternative things to do – wash my hair, make more tea, do some writing, hell even tidy my room. (sigh)

This was a major rambly blog, so im gona run now before i write anymore.

But i hope your entrance or re-entrance to School/Uni/College/Work has been much smoother and more enjoyable than mine.

Here’s to escaping the imaginary worlds inside my head and get some work done!!

Maebhe 🙂

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