Hallowe’en & Skeptics day

Okay, so i ahve had a bit of an absence from my little bloggie attempt now, and sadly this wasnt for fun reasons but just the crazy mundane that is my life. Who has ever dared to say that there is no real transition between 2nd and 3rd year at university- are liars!! lol Its been a shock to the system and feels like i have been drop kicked straight into the middle of a semester with no compase or map, merely my friends looking at me with the same glazed look of shock 🙂 Holy Rubber Duckie!

Mellow dramatic but very true right now. I honestly have never had so many tea sessions with my uni- friends where we simply unload and de-stress from all the extra drama, work and expectations that have been dropped on us that day.

TEA  the cure to all things in my opinion. And cake simply makes it better. 😀 hehe

but i digress.

But the topic of this blog – the speedy approach of Hallowe’en and the fun discovery that the 13th October is International Skeptics day! Yeahhhh

Okay so maybe not that fun, but interesting for me as this is definatly not something i have ever heard of and made me think of a number of things. And how i discovered this i hear you ask…or not… It was from those wonderful Vlogbrother i believe i have mentioned here before. Some of the smartest and funniest people on Youtube 🙂

Firstly how easy it is to become a skeptic and how previlant it is in society already.

I have realised that the belief in astrology, homeopathy, physics etc is much easier to take a chance on and believe when things in your life are crazy, hectic and completely out of control. As i am not innocent of belief when i was younger, as i loved astrology and reading my star sign. And found that it was easier to believe that my future was as easy to understand as reading the movements of the planets and the stars and that i didnt truely have to decide how my life was gona progress.

And recently i have realised that it is not just me, but quite a number of people like to believe the same thing = that reading their star signs gives them a belief that their future isnt completely dependant on the actions they take or the effort they put in school/uni/work.

And not to say there is anything wrong with believing in these kinds of things, i have just lost the ability to even fake it, the longer i have stayed in education. Also i am a very stubburn and opinionated person when i comes to what i believe in and what i don’t, especially when others try to force me to believe in their way or opinion.

But as a book blogger, and specifically a Fantasy/Science fiction attempting blogger, one of the main aspects which appeal to me in these book, and why i mostly read Urban Fantasy is the possibility of there being Real Magic (oxymoron?) in the world or the possibility of the extra-ordinary. And with that the chance to become extra-ordinary and unique.

But as Roald Dahl says, “If you dont believe in magic, how will you ever find it”.

Difficult to explain how i want to believe in both and the version of me which lives inside my head and only really gets to escape when i write (and this is probably a good thing lol 😀 ) gets to believe in magic, shapeshifters, sorcery and whatever else she can dream up that day, keeps me content in the fact that reality can be boring and altho i love science, altho admittedly hated chemistry in school, love to keep up to date in all the developments in our world and what new thing we can learn each day. 🙂

Okay so this was a totally random blog – o gosh! I think its been clear from the last couple of blogs/rants that im a little stressed from uni. I promise to get more organised 🙂

But just remember just because its inside your head doesnt mean its not true 🙂 And Elena in Kelley Armstrongs book Stolen uses the fears and craziness associated with the belief in the extra-ordinary to hide her own secret – That shes a werewolf 🙂

But let me know what you’s think and believe

Be back soon,


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