Felix Baumgartner landing!

So yesturday we witnessed one of the coolest developments in physics in a long time as me along with 8million other people watch the live jump of one Felix Baumgartner jump from a Helium balloon 23miles or 128,000 km from earth.

Not only breaking 5 world records but BROKE THE FREAKIN SOUND BARRIER! 🙂

okay so i am alot excited about this, as from the first time i heard about this potenial jump my inital reaction and honestly right up to today was that this dude was crazy but in an awesome way because its not something any one has attempted before and as my family has ties to the aeronautical community found it very hard to believe possible.

So what makes this jump extra ordinary from every other skydrive – which i personally think is already crazy, as i am not a fan of heights…

  •  34 Felix Baumgartner from Austria undertook this task through a desire to break the record for the highest skydive and to see if it was possible for him to hit the sound barrier.

This is crazy on so many levels as before Felix the only things hitting the sound barrier were jets, shuttles, satilettes and the sorts. Meaning dense metal objects, therefore nobody knew what kind of impact this would have on the Human body. With fears spannig from from ruptured organs to resulting deafness etc, altho many of these inital fears where minimised through the development of his very high tech suit which protected him from the extremes of his environment.

  • How was it possible for him to hit the sound barrier? And way does every skydiver not hit the sound barrier?

Felix was able to hit the sound because of the height he was able to reach of 23miles or 128,000km. At this height there is a dramatically reduced number of air molecules to run into, like 99% less. Which means that Felix was able to reach Terminal Felosity much quicker than normal and therefore be able to reach the speed of sound. And Felix claimed he was able to feel the air pressure thickening and knew when he’d been able to break the sound barrier – which is just awesome

At his max he was able to reach 832.9 miles per hour! And is the first man to go supersonic without being in a jet.

And i am so not an expert on this, so if you want to learn more try sci-show for Hanks new video on the physics behind his jump.

  • And Finally, of course he landed on his feet!! this i cant explain as just amazing. But he did use a parashot for the last couple of meters, slowing his progress dramatically to the more yet still terrifying speeds of normal sky divers.

Quote from the man himself;

The whole world is watching now

I wish you could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to get up really high to understand how small you are. I’m going home now.

Felix Baumgartnerin 2012


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