Illness, ex-friends & Facebook

Hello again, so i have been away a while because of a number of reason.

One:Uni is currently kicking my ass 🙂 but i’ve ranted about this before so i shall not repeat myself here.

Two: I have been feeling sick for the past week which hasnt helped with uni and then i had some friend drama while i was sick and that just didnt help.

Okay so this may be a little TMI for any guy readers but i have had female issues throughout school but so far doctors dont really know whats wrong with me, but it just means i have a bit of a hard time and feel like crap once a month but im weel used to it and just keep going best i can.

However all these issues ganged up on me this week as well as having what i classify as an ‘Ex-friend’ decide to drop all his drama on me. Because im sure this is an issue that most people will experience at some stage in their life, especially if you move schools and during the transition from secondary education to university. The loss or changing relationship with a friends.

In my case it was a combination of issues because when  i left school, the group of friends i hung out with mostly guys and added complication which didnt rise its ugly head until the very end was the problem of the friend zone combined with my inability to read social ques.

So what happened was on a leaving school night out my usual group of friends went out for the night and had a couple of drinks – might i add im fron the UK so the legal age is 18- but honestly im not much of a drinker. So having just reaching legal age and knowing i probably wouldnt see all these people together again, at least for a long time i had a couple and of course being 5’5 on a good day and pretty small i was an unaquivible light weight and got a little toasted and kissed a friend who until after that had never told me that he had liked me throughout school. To say i nearly died from embaressment when we had to go back for the last week or so of school would be putting it mildly because i had never had any feelings in return for him ewk!

So having been asked out making it twelve million times worse and having to politely as possible say no things just dissolved into eternal awkwardness and after we each left for our respective uni-s it got worse as i later discovered was he had called me a couple of uncomplimentry names to mutual friends and even friends of mine despite our attempts to remain friends after school trying to organise little catch ups- it all failed.

So after a totally random moment when i discovered a link from him on facebook to a picture of a house with books streaming out the window and a comment, basically saying its were i lived. I had a little flicker of hope but even that desintegrated into another disagreement as he tried to blame me and my friends of not trying to meet up with him any time he was home – which, yeah was just untrue.

So i have decided it its no longer worth the drama because its just sad. Yes we we’re close friends throughout school. But how we grow and develop in life is beyond our control and isnt something we should limit to maintain a friendship/relationship that will only hold you back.

While at the same time remember that friendships are always worth a try to maintain especially through school because life is only gona get crazier and harder to create new friends, so the friends who last through the hard times are the friends you should put the effort in to keep.

So another little rant over. But my message is just to say that life is inevitably gona change and it is how you adapt to these changes and how they will make you grow and develop as a person will develop the person you will be for the rest of your life. And while it doesnt have to mean losing the person you are now, because i know i am still as big a book nerd as i have ever been and possibily more so- scary as that is 🙂 – and still have all my original quirks i know i am stronger person, more independant than ever and finally happier with who i am. Although there are areas in which i still hope in improve – one being that social necessity of reading ques as i literally dont notice unless its as obvious as a brink wall and then its usually not welcome – not a good combo lol.

But hope this helped in some way and if you’s have anymore questions or want advice on anything mentioned or uni advice please feel free to ask  and i’ll be back again so with another review 🙂



5 thoughts on “Illness, ex-friends & Facebook

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