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Tea Mondays

I am slowly but surely desending into a Flu Hell and despite self medicating on manuka honey and Tea – it is a battle that i am currently losing. And with the kinda luck i have it has to be during one of the craziest weeks at uni so far 😦 sigh.

SO what am i doing on here i hear you ask: well honestly my heads so fried from reading Russia history and Medival nonsence while being tired and congested that i needed a break so i wanted to come on here and have a little natter with you’s:)

Mostly i wanted to introduce a new idea i had to try and make my blog posts a little more organised, so i am introducing:

Tea Mondays!!

Here i hope to introduce any new books im reading or little catch ups on what im currently reading or any book related news like new releases in excited about 🙂

If you’s think this is a good idea let me know and i will make it a new thing.

Lets give it a spin shall we :s

So im having a bit of a re-read weekend as this is something i do when im ill, means less effort to comprehend words but still experiencing the relaxation of reading a good book. And to demonstrate i thought i’d introduce you’s to my bedside Book Mountain and this was challenged ans successfully tamed last week but has grown quite rapidly again. But these are alot of my new books too which i havent gotten to so far and are mostly my more adult Urban Fantasy novels 🙂

Im am waiting for new books to be released at the moment as well as working up the funds to get the new Kresley Cole novel Poison Princess- so want to read this book. But thats my only Ya the rest are Adult fantasy/Fiction including another Kresley cole, Christine Feehan, Laurann Dohner and a new one the next in the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout.

But thats it for now,

Be back soon & as always please comment and let me know whats yous think – likes/dislikes/areas of improvement 🙂 Thank you



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