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Tea Blog: The Civil Wars

Im Cured!!! At last!!

Okay so i have had a bit of a crappy Oct. – so not how i want to spend my build up hallowe’en and sadly cost me in regard to the originality of my costume but my oct. was improve dramarically by the invite from one of my closest friends from Uni invited me to go to the Civil Wars concert with her on sunday 28th of Oct. in Belfast.

But out it mildly the concert was awesome!!

And to make the experience even more awesome the opening act was the Lumineers.

Probably not a band you would recognise right away but their song “Ho Hey” has been really big this summer thanks to its use in the E-on electricity advert and the ‘Hairdo’s and Holidays’ episode of Hart of Dixie (which is a good show 🙂 ). But their whole set was actually amazing and really got the crowd excited and pepped up for the Civil Wars performance. Even tho the Civil Wars music is usually quite sweet and mellow. Their performance provided that indie vibe before and a little more upbeat.

O and excitedly i got to meet the Lumineers during the break between the two sets, and they were very nice. And i got their cd and all three members signed my c.d. 🙂 fan girl moment!! lol

So after i ran back to my friends and squished my way through the crowds , because we’d gotten a pretty good spot kinda close to the stage so it was jam-packed!! But totally worth it.

So next the actual Civil Wars came on for their set. This is a singing duo, made up of Joy Williams and John-Paul White. There stlye is really difficult to describe, because it kinda touches on folk, country, indie…something awesome-ness!! 🙂

So they performed a 45minute show and performed a really good range of their songs like I have this Friend, Twenty years and a new song finished with a cover of Billy Jean. And it was actually a lot of fun because they actually interacted with the crowd alot, especially one guy who shouted that he loved Joy Williams and they messed with him, Joy told John-Paul “aww someone loves you” and his reply was like “thank you, but im pretty sure your a dude” only to get a reply that “he didnt mind, but only on wednesdays”. So it was just funny amd made it even better. And i attempted to take photos but as im sure you can see they werent fabulous and some short videos i put up on Youtube for me and my friend.

And i love and really want Joy Williams dress, it was soo cute and she totally does not look she just had a baby over the summer. And note they are not a married couple – and yes i was disappointed too 🙂 cause listening to them, they seem to have such a connection but apparently its more a sibling connection/Twin Link that relationshipy type tie.

DO any of you’s like this duo? Let me know what  you’s think 🙂


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