Hallowe’en Ball and Uni

Hallowe’en was alot of fun, admittedly my costume attempt was a failure. Because i had planned on attempting to make a Leeloo Dallas costume from the Fifth Element movie, and i mean from the second half of the movie with the bright orange braces. However zombie-flu, Uni & essay, work and consequently, lack of time meant that i didnt get my braces finished or my leggings done. So i had two options:

1.attempt to finish my outfit that afternoon or

2.cave and buy a simplier costume.

SO i was totally not up to sitting and sewing for a couple of hours and then cutting my wig and finishing my leggings etc – so i caved – HalloweenFail! – and went to Claires accessories and got all the accessories for a very traditional and much easier cat costume. Original i know, but by this stage i was still surviving on tissues and feeling sluggish and was running on excitment to finally celebrate hallowe’en, which is one of my favourite holidays ever. I had been wearing my skeleton earrings for nearly 3weeks straight by this stage. 🙂

So i was a cat and it was alot of fun and pretty comfy and gave me an excuse to bring my leather jacket and not freeze to death in belfast which is not extremely cold right now and it kinda skipped autumn and went straight to winter – literally attacked to my giant scarf and jumpers and that will probs be me until march 😀 ahh Ireland and its fabulous weather.

So a quick run down i wore black pleather leggings, a long black silky fabric top  and my black trainer heels. Adding a tail, clip ears and the make-up, whickers, geisha like mouth and crazy cat eyes. It was fun but as is normal for any hallowe’en night out, got hit on my by the odd and the …horrifying lol. That being said i was hit on by: Chuckie, the guy from silence of the lambs and julius ceasar. 🙂

N.B. do not ever try and hit on someone on hallowe’en. You just look crazy. 🙂 – thats to guys and girls.

And no i definatly did not encourage or accept any of these advances.

I was staying at my friends house and that made the night even more fun, because she is a fellow fantasy book addict and we nerd out together alot. And her flatmates are lovely and made me feel so welcome and laugh alot. They went as the black widow from the avengers, sookie stackhouse and robina hood.

The only problem was going into uni the next day. 1. i forgot to bring flat shoes with me, so it felt like the balls of my feet were on fire and of course my first class had to be on the third floor and i dont volunteerly use lifts meaning i was near crying before i got to class. 2. got an extra lecture making my day twice as long in sore shoes and in a sleep deprived state. 3. It was FREEZING and i had only brought my jacket becuase my coat was too heavy to carry the night before. 4. The next day becuase i had swapped jackets i forgot my uni pass and had to get a couple of text books out for an essay im working and on and just to get into the library, print off a view pages and then loan a few books they made me fill out three seperate forms, page for a temporary card and travel to the other side of the campus and back to get two pages printed off as proof. 5. THEREFORE causing my to miss my train home and have to stay in for another two and a half hours before i could get the next one.

1. one good outcome was this gave me the opportunity to catch up with another v.close friend from uni i havent had the chance to spend as much time with this year because of our clashing timetables :s and share….

2. Christmas Starbucks!! freaking love the red cups and the christmas starbuck, esp. the Gingerbread latte, soooo good. And i got one during my break at work today, and saw all the new christmas mugs they have this year!! too cute and soo excited to get my English major friend one of them for christmas because we have a tendency to exchange starbucks mugs :). Pure happiness. I got my first starbucks mug from her for doing her hair for a formal (or for any americans: prom) she was asked to by her friend.


But yes my oct. has had many ups and downs but as always the downs are worth it for the ups 🙂



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