blog help?

Okays its half 2 in the morn and i just set down my essay for the night 😦 class in the morn so had to stop myself from essay writing all night through the witching hour. Because it means my house is perfectly quiet and nobody is trying to disturb me.

However i have a quick question and would love to hear what people think or if im even doing this right? :s Again im really new to this and trying to improve and fix things as i go – altho the emails im getting about technical, computer things is going right over my head 😦

One of the things i want to do more of and is kinda my main aim but had kinda gotten lift behind because of the craziness that is doing a degree – is book reviews.

So far i’ve only done books i gotten new and just read for the first time. But i literally have a room full of books that i’ve read and loved but have never reviewed because they may not be recently out and im sure alot of people have read them.

What i was wondering was – Should i review some of my older books too? and possibly for authors who i have whole series for – review them as a whole – Like an Author review? what series i like/dont like etc and i’ll think up a name to seperate them from my newer reviews.

Any advice and opinions on this would be appreciated 🙂

Thank you




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