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So i think it may be easier to write from Uni than it is from home some days, despite the fact that it makes me feel a little lazy and confirms the fact that i have a short attention spane when it comes to things that i dont really want to do: Source anaylsis- the bane of my existance lol

However i just wanted to put up a little note about books im hoping to have a review up for soon, one being Kresley Cole’s newest book, Shadows Claim which i finished the other day. But i’ve also realised that i still have a number of books i mentioned ages ago that i still need to finish and review, so i promise to get my ass in gear this christmas, while working round exams and hopfully get a couple more done. And im working onm my first series review, so hopefully that will be done soon too 😀

But thats about it, jus wanted to say a little hi, and hope you’s are having a good day. It is raining and freezing as is to be expected for Ireland in December but im meeting my friend for lunch after todays lecture so thats quite the little pick me up.




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