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Tea Blog: 12/12/12

If i wasnt finishing soon for the Christmas Holidays i would say i need a new title for blogs from Uni 😀 But this something probably alot of yous have already heard or noticed but today is the 12th day of the 12th month in 20-12 or 12.12.12. And this is universal, whether you write your dates d.m.y or m.d.y.

But i thought this was kinda fun but at the same time kinda sad, because this is the last triple date for almost a century : 1.1.01(2101). However the fun aspect is that so far it has spawns mass superstitions and even mass weddings Las Vegas 🙂 For the numerical fans 12.12.12 is just a repetitive figure or once in a life time event, it is also a very lucky date: because within numerology, 12 is a ‘3’ number because its figures add up to 3 and it is divisible by three, making it a good day to start a business, as apparently it is tied to astrology and Jupiter in particular which signifies wealth: somehow? 😉

And for the biggie: It is tied to the APOCALPSE!!! 🙂
Well other than the fact i would love to get out of uni early and i’d be pissed if the world ended when i was 20yrs old and before i’d graduated. I can honestly say:

Its is 12.12.12 and the world has not ended yet.

No fireballs from the sky, earthquakes in ireland or any other paranormal activity, as fun as that sounds so i think i still have to go into work on saturday and i hopefully get to see the Hobbit on Thursday 🙂

But just wanted to say hi, im still alive, its cold but not end of the world, second ice age cold and i have tutorial i am totally unprepared for to go too 😦 aw well, maybe my lecture will accept the coming apocalpse as an excuse?…
i didnt think so either 🙂

Hopefully be back soon with more nerdy book fun 🙂
(p.s. i am totally making any future children watch the movie 2012 and say: “I survived that!!”)

Maebhe x


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