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Tea Blog: Goodbye 2012: Thank you for the memories

So while my new year is verrry low key and quiet as I’m on my own this year because I have to work in the morning. But it has given time to think about what I have achieved this year and what I want to achieve in 2013. So I thought a little overview was in order 🙂

Dec 31st 2011: this time last year I was out with my cousins celebrating in 2012

Jan 24th 2012: Exams are finished and I am entering the last semester of my second year

Apr 10th 2012: I was flying from Ireland to Paris 🙂 with my cousins and uni friend Nina: Highlight of my Year!
-walked around our little bit of Paris trying to find the Avenue des Champs-Élysées – which we did eventually find
-saw the arc de triomphe
-got amazing food (quatre fromage pasta, yum yum) walked more and more 🙂
-Saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time at 9o’clock at night all lit up – Twinkly (here’s a link to a little video I took on my last night in Paris at the Eiffel tower)
-Got on the metro home, walked in the wrong direction home and walked all the way back to the hotel

Apr 11th 2012: still in Paris
-went to the Lourve: which is ridiculously huge! saw the Mona Lisa: which is ridiculously tiny
-walked around Paris a lot and got real French macaroons
-Went to Notre Dame which is gorgeous and gothic and made me feel like I was in a Disney movie (I could hear the music in my head) 😀
-This was the day we travelled out of central paris to the district on montemart? to a place called Nation where Nina’s friend lived and visited her and got a lot of food and the best Crème bruille I have ever eaten.

Apr 12th 2012: 3rd and craziest day in Paris out of the hotel for 14hours 🙂
-started of at the metro and travel to the 20th arrondissement de Ménilmontant to visit the Pere Lachaise, the largest graveyard in Paris and the tomb of Oscar Wilde, but also just a beautiful place with elaborate tombstones and even mini chapels.
-then we took another metro to Montemart to visit the Sacre Ceour or Sacred heart cathedral, which is just gorgeous with an amazing view. Surrounding the Cathedral there were numerous little art shops, cafes and patisserie’s were we bought loads of sweets and presents to bring home with us.
-After this we took the metro back into the heart of Paris to visit the D’Orsay art gallery. Which was very different from the lourve but I preferred it.
-When we were leaving the gallery we bumped into a demonstration walk for former President Sarkozy coming over the bridge of Louis 16th (I think :))
-we then walked back from the D’Orsay to the Eiffel tower to see it during the day and to take the seine river tour which was really interesting.
-After the cruise we found a little restaurant near the Eiffel tower as it was getting late and we were flying home the next day so we wanted to watch the Eiffel tower light up again and it only does that from9o’clock at night. Although admitted the food was nice I discovered that French people eat their steak raw – eww :s
So we ended up missing the 9o’c lights cause we were still eating so we walked to a little café on the other side of the park of the Eiffel tower to get Hot chocolate: which little bit of info, the French have hot chocolate with breakfast. It is also some of the nicest hot chocolate I have ever had Yummy!
-So we watch the lights twinkle at 10o’c and then walked around for the last time, I got some presents and a I ❤ Paris hoodie. Then we got crepes and got the metro back to the hotel: where we blissfully passed out from exhaustion and sore feet 🙂 (the sole of my boot actually separated from all the wear)

Apr 13th 2012: This was our last day and we had a mid day flight home. But honestly we were all run down and feeling sick so first we went to our favourite restaurant near our hotel for omeletes and hot chocolate as our leaving breakfast.
-Then on to Starbucks were we got our Paris mugs and basically lounged about for a couple of hours for going back to the hotel to organise a taxi to the airports.
-this was honestly the most horrifying part of our trip, back we were stuck in a tiny taxi going from 70 to 0 in seconds. It was an automatic and therefore was lurching to a stop every other second and I suffered from the worst car sickness I have ever had. But we wasted the last of our euros on dessert, post cards and books in the airport before getting out=r flight home to rainy Ireland.
– and after hugging my parents who had been texting me morning, mid day and afternoon throughout my trip (worry worts) 😀 I climbed into bed and slept for a good 6 hours before getting up to hand out pressies etc

Jun 10th 2012: Started this little blog 🙂

Jun 14th 2012: Finished 2nd year at uni

Jun 23rd 2012: my 20th birthday, mum took me out to a very nice restaurant called the Merchant and got posh food, then shopping and then cocktails

Sep 11th 2012: started 3rd year

Dec 14th 2012: passed my driving theory test & saw the Hobbit

Dec 31st 2012: And now I'm here! 😀

So I'm hoping that this coming year will be even better, with more travel, more friends and hopefully graduating!!
But just always remember that everything you do should have happiness as your aim 🙂

Resolutions to come: 😀 although a lot of books will definitely be there & away to send up a lantern in exactly 19minutes

Maebhe xx


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