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Happy New year!!

So firstly I’m sorry for the extended absence, it was caused by Christmas, essays/exams as well as working my part time job. So reading has been postponed until after exams. But there is a little light at this while I’m stressing about being ass deep in uni work and sinking fast.  🙂

I’m just gonna wish you all a Happy New Year and ask what are your New Years Resolutions. Myself, sadly I’m working new years day so I’m am currently in the house watching the Bourne Identity by my lonesome (sigh), I don’t really mind but I am painting new years lanterns, just for fun.

I’m not really sure what my own resolutions for this year are yet, although I am planning on taking up one of the reading challenges hopefully, in between working towards my degree and hopefully applying for a Masters, which is just plain, old scary thinking. I am seriously starting to feel old, with all the stress I’m under right now. But must keep hopes high and keep walking, as giving up now leaves you in the middle of no where with nothing achieved.

So I would love to hear what your resolutions are

& Happy New Years!!! I hope 2013 is kind and only good things come your way x





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