Review: Angel Adoree, The Vintage Tea Party Year


This is a very different kind of book compared to my reviews so far, but it is filled to the brim with the quirky, fun, vintage things that I love! The Vintage Tea Party Year is a how to guide to planning the perfect vintage inspired Tea Party ever. This the second book for this party planner/author, Angel Adoree and this book is different from your traditional party planning/inspirational guide, as it lays out ideas in 12 separate chapters, each with their own theme representing the main causes of celebration, broken down to represent the 12months within a year, i.e taking us from New years Eve travelling through the 12months/chapters to Christmas day.

I found this book completely by accident in my local library, sitting on the new arrivals shelf and it called to me.
I had seen Ms. Adoree’s first book in Waterstones and thought it looked interesting and while I would have loved to buy it just for all the vintage hair ideas inside, I didn’t feel that I cooked enough to afford it at this time, (the stresses of student living), but now I’m pretty sure I will have to buy it if it is anywhere near as good as the second book.

Starting from the cover, the book is just eye catching! Its 3D effect of sunken windows, allowing us to peer inside a beautiful, white Victorian or Georgian manor house filled with seasonal images, as well as vintage inspired images tie in to the individual party themes. This added to the appeal of this book, because admittedly I picked it up because the cover was really pretty and I was intrigued by the all vintage inspired hair etc 🙂

Secondly the content, and the most important part.
So I’m gonna break this part down into three parts; Food, crafts and hair

SO the food ideas in this book look amazingly good. Being completely honest, I am not a chef, Nowhere near one, so I had my mum look at it and she felt that the book contained a great range of recipes, with variations in difficultly and length of time needed to prepare. So if you just wanted to make canapés for a quick nibble before going out with girls or just to sit in with a glass of wine, through to more complex and yummy looking main meals. I particularly enjoy the ‘moctails’, these were imitations of alcoholic cocktails like the strawberry daiquiri, which appealed to me a lot because im not really a drinker.

So I cant cook in regards to proper, dinner type food, especially meat :s, other than making myself a BTL 🙂 but my cooking joy is baking and desserts & there are soo many in this book that I want to try. From crazy cakes which the shape of just made me think of the Lord of the Rings to simpler things like biscuits. But these are things I want to try & if I do I will let you know how it goes.

This is something I love, as can be seen in my hollow book clutch tutorial on my blog link here:
But there are some really cute and simple craft ideas in this book, one of my favourite which I defiantly will be trying is how to make a mini top hat. I love mini hats, already have a hairclip Santa hat and witch’s hat which I wear to work during the specific holidays. But its really simple looking with a lot of directions.

Another things was the invitation and thank you card ideas which come in the book with full images you can scan as well as more stuff on her site which I will post at the bottom of this review.

Finally the hair! This had to be my favourite part of the whole book because, I think I mentioned in my new years blog that my mum is a hair dresser, so this is something I have grown up with, learning how to do put ups and blow drying hair etc. But as I have gotten older one of the styles which I have grown to love is vintage hair. Specifically 1920-30’s hair. The kind of things which remind you of old war posters and pin-up girls. And one of my favourites is pin curling my hair and just leaving it to cool while I do my make up for a night out. Makes me feel all glamorous. 🙂 This book has some really interest hair ideas, some of which take a different approach to vintage hair than Im used to, as well as cover a whole range of intricacy levels. Admittedly one negative is that I think some may be a little hard to follow due to the necessity of it being still pictures and text, so that if your not used to this kind of put up it could be a little difficult to follow, specifically the victory rolls. But the rest or more basic and focus on curling etc. which are a lot easier to understand. 🙂

I think this is a great book, especially as a gift (to someone else or yourself). Its got a great range of ideas, events and difficulty levels within it which I think means that it would be suitable for any age range. It would also appeal to a variety of people from those who simply love vintage inspired clothes, hair etc., people into cooking, through to people who love to celebrate and throw the odd party. And finally its also an extremely pretty book so even if its just a book for inspiration it will look good just sitting around your house. 🙂

5 teacups!

please feel free to comment or ask questions and I’ll help any way I can 🙂


2 thoughts on “Review: Angel Adoree, The Vintage Tea Party Year

  1. I have the first book, and was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party in 2011. My friend works for her, so jealous! She is on maternity leave now, due any day I think. x

    1. I’m really interested in getting the first book now, because it really was fascinating and I love vintage hair and clothing etc. That’s awesome, sounds like a lot of fun, the party and having that as a career, I’m jealous too :D. And congratulations to your friend for the little one of the way, wishing her my best. 🙂 xx

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