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New Years ‘Book’ Resolutions #updated

I’ve just reached the end of my exam season & this had to be the most stressful ever! My house is a hazard zone with virus’s(viruses?) contaminating the place. I’m surviving on tea & manuka honey- but I feel I am in the early stages of the diseased zone & praying I escaped the worst of it.

But one of the things I’ve seen floating about youtube and the other book bloggers that I like have been new years book resolutions. I kinda touched on this in my new years resolution blog but I thought I’d make it more fun and break down my reading resolutions for you and to finalise it for myself. As I feel that if its down in a post I maybe more likely to keep to a resolution for once :). So here goes;

1. Complete my Reading Challenge for 2013

2. Try and minimise buying new books before finishing the books I already have. (Can’t say stop buying new books- for me that’s probably impossible) 🙂

3. Try and increase the number of classic novels I ready: I’m going to attempt a ratio or 1 out of 3, so hopefully 15 of my 50 book will be classic novels.

4. Try and read the pile of books I’ve had sitting around for ages and meant to read. Top of that list being The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin: There size is daunting but I will conquer them!! 🙂

5. And Lots of Dissertation reading!! Which should hopefully add to my classical reading attempts. Surprisingly for a history major, after reading designated readings, generally from the medieval period it can be awful hard to convince myself to read more period stuff. 😀


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