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Evening of Awesome

Okay this is an uber short message just to say that i loved the #EveningOfAwesome with Hank and John Green.

Even though I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic to go to the concert itself at Carnegie Hall, i watched the live streaming…and it was officially Awesome!

SO to start of the night we have Hank and John Green, musical entry, Fault in our Star/Lizzie Bennet Diaries performance, and Harry Potter Songs ~ Then the night just escalates 🙂

So firs there is the mountain goats, not a bad I’m particularly obsessed with but they were good and made a good intro-

Then i thought i was gonna faint because then, during the Q&A round, on Hank Green’s team we have Hannah Hart from Youtube’s My Drunk Kitchen… okay she’s fun but that was nothing and not faint inducing on my part…

It was the person who arrived on stage to be John Green’s team partner: Neil Gaiman!!

Yes i thought i was going to pass out from oxygen deprivation, i absolutely love that man and his books. He simply has a way with words that sounds magical and seems to take on a whole different meaning from if anyone else used the exact same words in the same order! That probably sounds stupid but his work, like Terry Pratchett is in a way undefinable because its soo unique to him. My absolute favourite is NeverWhere as can be seen by my Twitter name 🙂

But his appearance on stage set the whole crowd off, as well as every other time he appeared on stage for the Q&A, scene reading etc.

There was also the hilarious Grace Helbig from Youtube’s DailyGrace 

Its really late so i know this isn’t making alot of sense: i cant write smartly while tired 🙂

But it was amazing good and so much fun and i highly recommend watching it 🙂

It don’t start till 35mins in, but that will get better the longer its up 😀


2 thoughts on “Evening of Awesome

    1. It was half 3 in the morning here but it was totally worth the sleep deprivation 🙂 And I totally agree, Neil Gaiman… just no words to describe the awesome.:D As soon as John started describing him and mentioned Dr. Who I giggled like a crazy person 🙂

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