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Tea Blog: Unpleasantness & Suprising Awesomeness

‘Kay, so we all have them, days were stuff just goes wrong and things just dont work out the way we planned. But sometimes if were lucky, these days can end in surprising and awesome ways.
For me: Today was that day.

So my day started rather awful, my lecture is at an awkward and annoying time in the afternoon so my plan was to go into uni- and swap modules but still go to todays class. So by the time i have to leave it is lashing – which in Ireland means it is freeezing cold and absolutely pouring down. So i have to walk to the train station to get into uni- which isnt far or a bad walk on a normal day and altho- i had prepared myself with my big Nike Ski coat and my military boots with two pairs of soaks. However i was unprepared for the fact that my coat is amazingly good at keeping me dry and that i had forgotten that the water just streams down it and the result: My jeans got absolutely soaked!! specifically my a** so not only uncomfortable but embarressing (lady at the station laughed :'(…) and randomly thr heating wasnt on the train so took forever to dry out. And im apologising to any random, unknown people who sat in that seat after, im sorry its rainwater.

So text my friend who lives near uni- to see if the weather situ- was the same there and sadly it was. So got soaked again, running to our history office to ask to swap and surprisingly everyone else had had the same issue and a lot of people had swapped classes and the office had decided to stop changes early. So im not sure what im gona do at the mo. Which just adds to the stress of final year. Not cool, so i trudged to class not in a good mood.

After class it is still raining (grr)and i stomped back to the station abandoning my plans to go to the library just wanting to go home and get a big a** mug of tea. So i stopped in at Neros (coffeeshop) next to the station to get tea. (so i drink alot of tea) Tea fix sorted i was in a slightly better mood and was dreaming of home & my Kindle cause i got Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout- lovelove. So i sit down watching the electronic sign showing the train times and my train has this big ‘DELAYED’ sign which was odd and something i’d never seen before but i assumed it meant the train was just late but 15mins later and 2 other trains having jumped the queue and no change to the sign. I ring my dad and thankfully he hadnt left work & was willing to give me a lift home & even tho he works on the opposite side of town, i jump on the next train get off in town and walk to our usual meeting point and we made our way home.

So that thank fully was the end of the crappiness (Drenched 2x froze and rejected by my university)

Here my day became to pick up.

First one of my closest friends from School and Uni text me to organise a coffee date or girly catch up because we’ve both just been so busy over christmas. So im hoping to go see warm bodies with her next week or so. 😀

When i got home after tea, a change of clothes and drying my hair becuase of the rain, it was time to take my baby for a walk. My baby being my dalmation called Friday. And while we were out walking, headphones in and K-POP blaring specifically Big Bang 🙂 It was still freezing but what made it fun, instead of rain we got a random snow flurry which just just made it fun instead of miserable and Baby loves the snow.

Next, My mum, who is a hairdresser had time to renew my highlift (basically a less damaging way lighten your natural hair colour) so i got fun hair again!!

And finally i ventured into the kitchen for cereal before bed i happened to glance out to window to see that the snow which had only lasted less than a minute early had clearly been on for a while and was still coming down heavy and that my little bit of the world was coated in white 😀 So the rest of my neighbourhood is in for a surprise in the morning as this happemed at 1:30 and it is now almost 3am and only just paused.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

‘Kay so please ignore the time stamps i never remember to change the stupid thing :s
And yes i went outside at nearly 2 in the morning to take photos… just for you’s 😉 I’ll try and get some with Baby in them tomorrow

Let me know how you’s cure a case of the blues from a crappy day?

And share with me the Love for BigBang 😀

Rant Over!


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