Warm Bodies: The Movie

Okay I know not that long ago I put up my review of Warm Bodies the novel by Isaac Marion and It was a book that I really liked and was excited about seeing the movie because it looked like there was a lot of cross over with the book, but also that there was a lot more action scenes than there are in the book. Which I’ll be honest I have terribly tacky taste when it comes to my movies because I love action movies, like resident evil which created my mental image for all zombie related material through to the Die Hard movies (Yippee-Ki-yay Mother trucker!!) And I was something that I was kinda missing from the ending of the novel because I was really disappointed with the end of the book because it wasn’t even a cliff-hanger – it was more like non-existent, and it just kinda cut off. However I still really liked the book and I have hopes for the supposed sequel which according to goodreads should hopefully be coming out next year that if it comes a series/trilogy etc. that a lot of the questions I have will be answered.

So I finally got so see it with girls from my university & it was such a fun night. Now in regards to the movie – IT WAS AWESOME 😀 It literally had me giggling throughout and yes Nicolas Hoult is amazing as R. There were changes between the book and the movie within the first 2/3’s of the movie but most of these were pretty minor like R & Marcus’s age/appearance which had minor impacts on the over all story however I don’t think these impacted the movie at all, which is a lot coming from someone who is fairly nit-picky which it comes to the details in book-movie adaptations. Although the Heroine Julie is better in the book I think (just a little).
It was the last 1/3 of the movie which had the major changes and while in comparison to the books they’re ‘wrong’, when I was watching it – it was totally right and gave me the proper ending I was looking for in the book. It was filled with action which actually turned the bonies into a proper enemy, a proper answer in regards to R and other little things. But the romance element here was also amazingly well handled because the action scenes upped the tension and emphasised the difference the zombies. And again there so many funny moments throughout this movie and a lot of them a one liners, which seems appropriate for zombies 🙂

So keeping this short I have to say this is a must see movie. Its got a great mix of comedy, Romance and Actions to cover a whole range of audiences. There’s even a little gore at the start so if anyone if thinking of dragging their significant other to see this movie that they can enjoy it too 🙂 although I think guys would like this movie too, and just because there is a romance at its centre shouldn’t ruin it for the guys watching.

If yous go see Warm Bodies, tell me what yous thought and if I got this right?
Hope yous enjoy 🙂


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