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So tiny booky update.
I follow the author Christine Feehan, one of my favourite romance/fantasy author and she is one of the authors who introduced me to the genre, mostly by accident because my brain interpreted the blurb verrry differently from the reality. Although admittedly I was about 14, honestly probably too young to read them but this was when I just picked up books completely at random.

But the important part is that Christine updated her facebook today about news she had released at the FAN convention which annually takes pace in America, which means its on the wrong side the ocean for me to par take in :(. But her news was very exciting, for those who follow her series anyway. Her series works book by book with a different couple and their developing relationship.

She announced today that she working on the long await book for the a specific couple within her series:
Skylar & Dimitri

This couple was first introduced during the special Christmas book, Dark Celebration she released in 2006, after Skylar’s initial introduction in Dark Legend in 2002.

However due to Skylar’s issues in her introduction as well as he age as she is still a teenager, which all involved, including Dimitri, know is far too young (thank gosh). So it has been 10years since their introduction and now finally we are getting the book.
Or make that BOOKS 😀

Due to the high demand for this couples book as well as the multi-layered back story Christine with the support of her publisher has decided to turn their story into a trilogy within the series. The first of which will be released in September this year.

Dark Lycan will come out in September 2013
Dark Wolf in January 2014
Dark Hunter, final one, later in 2014.

More can be found here:

I am soo excited to read this because I have read all her books so far, in all three of her series. And Christine Feehan will be one of the authors im doing a summary on because admittedly I love all her books.

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