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Ironman 3

Really quick tea blog so here goes;
Okay long time no see but I am currently being crushed by the last few weeks at university and finishing my dissertation so I’m afraid Internet blogging is taking a back seat to uni work.
However I did take a short break today with a couple of amazing friends from uni to go see the new Ironman movie. And OMGOD it was absolutely Amazing!!! An absolute must see for absolutely everyone. It is 100 times better than the 2nd movie. Filled to the brim with action and that classic biting wit which only comes with tony stark. I need that DVD now! And I will probly have to go see it again. By the double amazing three box set when it comes put to make up for the wait.
But I’m sorry this had to be so short but it’s jus a phone update. Hopefully will be back in about three weeks with some proper book reviews etc & hopefully some uni updates.
Love to all my fellow nerdy booky tea addicts
Love Maebhe


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