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Post Dissertation/Degree Book Haul

So my life has recently been a whirlwind of university madness, full of dissertations, essays, exams and plain old stress. Now I have finally finished my exams and handed in my corrected, proof read and bound dissertation and I have been off for just under a week now. The stress hasn’t really decreased any, because the stress and worry has just moved on to postgraduate options and just trying to organise graduation. So I am in a little bit of denial that university is over and I have to enter the adult world of careers.
So how does a book nerd deal stress and fears for the future: by going on a Book Binge! 😀

So I have been on an internet hiatus for quite a while now, because I needed to focus on my university work. but now until the end of June I have some free time i get to catch up in all the books that I missed. Plus book shopping is just really relaxing for me. My last trip book shopping was actually today with my friend Sio, while Laur was shoe shopping and poor Hanna was stuck in the library finishing off her last project. But i was good, because i only bought one book and i was getting part of my dads birthday/fathers day present. (ssshhhh…don’t tell) 😀 So i thought my first blog back had to be a run down of the books i got and what im currently reading.

Tea in hand: check! Lets go 🙂
The first group of books a new bought books which I bought for myself. The top row are from Waterstones and the bottom row are from Blackwell which is the bookshop at Queens university and they had a three for two offer. So I got the next in the Game of Throne series. The song of Achilles is an alt history focused on the story of The Illiad by Homer, which I am really excited about reading because I have only heard good things about. Finally its World War Z which is very different read for me, Zombies aren’t really my thing but a friend recommended it and now there’s the movie so I am really interested in trying something different.

The Waterstones books are mostly books continuing in different series’, so obviously I’m dying to read them because they are series I’m invested in. Especially the Patricia Briggs book, Frost Burned. This is the book I’m currently reading and its a series I’m completely in love with. The characters are just amazing as id the plot. But put werewolves in most things and I’ll read it. That’s way I picked up the other book, The trouble with Fate. Its not an author or series I’ve ever read before but it sounds pretty good.


These books are my vintage choices, because I never manage to fit enough classics into my reading list. Both of these are recommended reads from the booktuber The Readables and from what I’ve read about Ready Player One, it sounds very Tron/Swordart Online like so it should be pretty good. And Capture the Castle is written by the woman who wrote 101 Dalmations and is more romance/historical but it sounds really good too.


These are both second hand books from the Oxfam bookshop. I don’t really know anything about them but thought I’d give them a try. I’ll let you’s know more when I give them a try, good or bad.


These are the books I’m reading right now, I finished Dragons Bound and it was really good, because honestly I’m loving dragons in my fantasy at the moment and she took a very different take on them from what I’m used to like in Throne of Jade, which is the second in the series and I’ve already done a review on the first one Temeraire, and its an alt history focused on the Napoleonic Wars. But as usual it a lot of straight up fantasy, i like my dream worlds. But if you’s want more details on any please ask, i want to know what books you’s are interested in.



These last two are kindle purchases (obviously), the first is Abbi Glines, The Vincent boys, a great YA series, full of romance, drama and teen angst. 🙂 What’s there not to love.
The last is another book by Neil Gaiman and I own most of his randomly an offer came up on his facebook page to get this book for free on Kindle/Amazon. So I love Neil Gaiman he inspired the name of my twitter and my YouTube (which has nothing on it) so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless.

I had a photo of my book mountain on my facebook this week after finishing uni and I think I even had my friends worried who are used to my reading habits. Because it grown so big because there was a third again of re-reads. But it makes me happy.

Let me know what your reading or what books I have that your interested in find out more about or you’d like a review on.

Thank you as always,

Love Maebhe


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