Tea blog- uni, youtube & transition periods

Hello again, finally getting my life in order, especially as results time is coming up both for exams and from universities. Today especially I feel that the separation between university & adult life & careers, because I am on my way to my first graduates fair, where there will be a large number of businesses and university’s vying for our attention & us theirs. Provided information and job opportunities.

This has spurred me on to try and widen my experiences and use the opportunities in front of me to my benefit. So I’m going to be brave & make my first YouTube video this month, topic I’m unsure of but book related.

The timing feels perfect & I feel secure enough in myself & my work to give it a go. It is also my 21st birthday this month on June 23rd which is exciting and terrifying at the same time and has emphasised how big of a transition period this year will be in my life as depending on how the dice fall will determine how I go forward from here.

I’ll be in Belfast soon so I gotta run. But wish me luck & I’ll be back soon with more tea, book reviews & updates on my adventures.

Love Maebhe x


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