1 Year Blog-iversary!!

Can’t believe that is one year today since I started this little blog/book reviews! And I know it’s still small and it’s still work in progress as I try to improve the material I’m producing & diversify. It’s still something that I’m immensely proud of myself for doing. Because reading is something that I love but growing up, it wasn’t just a love but a way of escaping the rougher patches in life that everyone goes through.
And I just wanted to use this to say thank you to everyone who has taken even a minute out of their day to read my little tea blogs or reviews, or liked/commented on anything. It may be small to you but every little bit or effort creates a new little bubble of happiness inside my chest which lets me know that I’m at least moving in the right direction.
Please feel free to visit and share a virtual cuppa tea with me anytime.




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