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My 21st Birthday

So today (or now technically yesterday since its 2:00 in the morning while I’m typing it) was my 21st birthday. And even though it has been a really long day & I’m knackered I wanted to share this special little moment of my life.

So what happened…
I am not someone who had any interest in having a huge party but its not something that you should let slip by so this resulted in a small family gather with my family, grandparents, and a couple of cousins, aunts and uncles. The best party however was the large quanties of cake which were consumed during this celebration. Doogies Goodies always make the best cake!!

Love!! so yummy especially with a giant cup of tea :)
Love!! so yummy especially with a giant cup of tea 🙂

In general any gather in which both sides of my family gather in one place ends in madness but thankfully this event was rather tame as the more colourful personalities weren’t present. But it was a lot of fun and a couple of my second cousins who I call nephews turned up make it more fun as they were as excited about the cake arriving as I was. 🙂

I am getting a very special gift from my parents but I think I’ll wait until it arrives so I can do a full post on it, probably closer to my graduation. But my wee bro got me a full collection of Harry Potter dvds for my birthday (partly to replace the dvd he broke after I leant it to him). But the fact that he bought me something was impressive enough so I shan’t question his motives too much. 🙂

harry potter cake

And I said I would put my first youtube video up on my blog this month and I will keep to it. It is incredibly short (10secs), but I think it properly shares the birthday feeling and might let you share in the celebrations a little. 😀

Dear gosh my accent sounds really strong in this video but this was actually my second time blowing those candles out. The first time was just with my mum, dad and wee bro and this time was kinda for the rest of my family, especially the younger ones. But the candles didn’t go out as fast so I thought my dad had pranked me and replaced them with the relighting candles, so that’s why I was laughing.


But I had a lot of fun and despite the fact that I didn’t go all out cray like some people do for their 21st I don’t think it will be a birthday I’ll forget.

Oo and an another odd little coincidence to make my 21st extra special was the fact that the Super Moon occurred tonight. This is the largest the moon has appeared in a long time. Approximately 14% bigger than average & its not something that occurs too often. So a little bonus for the werewolf fan on her birthday. That and the fact that I share my birthday with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron and Styxx (fictional characters I know, but I love Acheron).



So it hasn’t been long since my first anniversary on this blog and now I have gone through another transitional milestone with you’s and thank you for all your support. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Love, birthday wishes and internet cake to everyone,
Maebhe x


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