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Extended 21st birthday – friends edition


So its official I have some of the most awesome friends imaginable. While my birthday was officially on sunday June 23rd my two of my friends were only flying back into Northern Ireland on Sunday so we delayed our celebrations until Monday. But it was completely worth the wait.

So on Monday following my birthday I went into Belfast – and I made it in despite rail strikes meaning I was in late, being forced to take a bus (icky!) and then my elbow threatening to detach from my body by walking from the town to the girls house cause as always I kinda packed too much :).

On arrival Siobhan, Hannah and Lauren surprised me with really cute cupcakes and then after the usual giggling and catching up which ensues every time we went out to a local Italian restaurant called Scalini’s and ate some amazing pasta and dessert and I embarrassed myself by getting all emotional and may have released a tiny tear when they wrote/made me an amazing card. when we then went home and had more embarrassing and hilarious girl talk and the usual hair conversations slash tutorials while having Disney’s Treasure Plant playing in the background.

But the main adventure took place on Tuesday as we went (as well as a guy friend Ben from Uni) … To Belfast ZOO!!

Okay this probably seems a little childish for somebodies 21st but I had never been to any zoo before. Mainly because I DESPISE circus’s and I am a huge animal rights supporter so the thought of zoos always made me sad as a child. But the girls had been before and reassured me that it was a great zoo and I was happily surprise by my zoo experience and I had a lot of fun.

We had a great time and actually had great timing because we managed to see the penguins and the seals being feed and I literally took do many photos on my phone that I nearly killed my phone. Especially of the tigers who I fell in love with. They are soo beautiful and while I appreciated the opportunity to see them it still made me wish to see them in the wild. The wolves weren’t in a sociable mood but we did have a magical experience when we visited the moon bears.

So my dear friend Siobhan, fellow booknerd, had went around the zoo talking to every animal she saw like it was a child, whispering and cooing. At first I giggled but it later became clear that she is secretly a magical anime girl. Because when we went to see the moon bears, a beautiful bear was yellow crescent markings on its chest explaining its name, but with terribly sad treatment in some parts of China as they are cruelly caged so the gall bladder can be drain for some hokum medicine. But these bears, there were two in this inclosure, both separately came up to Siobhan on the other side of the glass. Seeming to follow her cooing, coming right up to her and seeming to say hi. 🙂 If it had been one it would have been a awesome fluke but both, separately has secured her in my opinion as a magical Bear Whisperer. One of the photos I managed to snap with her first encounter are in the gallery below. (with her permission I asked first).

These girls have made not only my birthday the best ever but also have made my entire uni experience! I don’t know if I would have survived final year without them. So this post is mostly a giant thank you to them. And thank you for sharing your graduation days/week with me, you’s made it extra special despite the ridiculous amount of rain. 🙂


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