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Tea Blog: Scotland Week 1

Welcome the country whose national animal is the Unicorn!!

So the move has been made, I took a little time before writing this piece to give myself a little time to get situated and break in my new living quarters.
It has been an odd and emotional experience moving, not only out of my family home for the first time but leaving the country on a more permanent basis than every before. Its been a transition for me and my family but I’m feeling more comfortable now than initially but I’m still adjusting so full judgement will be withheld at least until I start my classes just before the end of the month.

So my first week I actually ended up being the only person in my flat for the whole week, people only started arriving yesterday! It was a little weird & seemed to make the moving experience a little more daunting for my parents as I was alone. However this did allow me to be a complete tourist for a week, just walking about & finding my way around.

My first adventure took me into old town. This kinda lives up to its name because all the buildings have maintained their old stone appearance which is just too cute & just has a whole Harry Potter feel. Which just made my Nerd-tastic little heart flutter!! 😀
old town
This also allowed me see the beautiful Edinburgh castle. It sits upon what is a plug from a long extinct volcano which the castle was built upon. Initially this castle was called The Castle of the Maidens where supposedly Morgan Le Fey, the sister to King Arthur, who also attempted to kill him. It was then rebuilt during the 12th century by David I, son of Saint Margaret of Scotland.
edinburgh castle

I actually have planned a small adventure for this week, as my friend Sio who I’ve mentioned here before, just left after a little weekend visit to help me settle in which I am incredibly grateful for, as of course, I caught fresher’s flu or for cough this week & have been a little miserable. But now that I’m gonna be on my own again I want to visit The Elephant House, the café and restaurant where J. K. Rowling wrote a majority of her first couple of books, especially Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I will find this place & attempt to sit where she sat & bring a blank journal- if writing inspiration hits me I will let you know. 😀

And to make my first week here even more eventful, my first night on my own, my parents had literally left that afternoon & I was already an emotional mess. But to add to my state, at 6am that next morning the fire alarm went off. The boiler had broken in the student accommodation & had apparently been leaking into the ceiling before breaking through into an apartment on the floor above me. This lead to steam causing the alarm to go off & the whole building to be evacuated. It was scary & stressful.
However on an oddly positive note, it was this set of circumstances & being trapped outside on Freezing Scottish morning for an hour gave me my first real opportunity to meet people from my floor & I actually befriend a couple of people this way – Not that I ever want to repeat that ever! But Silver Linings as they say…

That’s all for now, I know I’ve been promising a lot of things in my last couple of posts but I know I have a lot to makeup for and to catch up with. I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by the stress of moving a million other little things. Now that, that is over I will use this time to make up for as many as possible.

Also Edinburgh Central has to be the best Library I have ever seen! And of course I immediately joined, its fantasy & Sci-Fi section was amazing so I have a couple of books I have on the go at the moment as well as a couple including Christine feehan’s Dark Storm which was really good.

And Holy Marshmallows Batman – Robin Hobb is coming to Edinburgh I am going to work my hardest to be there!! Fingers crossed!! So I will make it up to yous.

Maebhe x


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