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Tea Blog: Stress & Kindle vs Non Kindle Reading

I’ve been wreaking my brain since my last post about what reviews I should put up.
Whether its just that I need a theme to motivate myself, a target number or some other such motivating factor. However I’ve realised that part of my problem is that all (yes all!) the books I had been reading recently are back home in Ireland & while I did read other books on my kindle – for some reason I have a much harder time reviewing books in kindle format that paperback.
This is particularly annoying because, while I will always prefer the appearance & physical proof/gratification that comes with owning a paperback version of the books I love. I have had my kindle (the uber basic one) for about 2years now & I do love it and literally don’t think I would have survived university without it. Because I was able to upload all the pdf documents that I needed to read for my history tutorials (making the green-peacer in me happy) because uni expect you to print off soo many documents which could be up to 30-40 pages! & could be rubbish that contributes to nothing but that days debate. Not only that as that all sounds a little too sensible for me, but the kindle was also invaluable in regards to allowing me to read in the morning on the train without people laughing at some of the covers 😀 especially when I’m suffering from a romance binge as some American covers are cringe worthy- doesn’t mean I don’t love them 🙂 it just means I don’t need a packed train seeing what it is I’m reading.
My problem is I am a post-it queen, as well as having a mild page marker addiction when it comes to my reviews. While the systems still needs work & I need to improve my reviews it how things best stick with me. The best example ive got is from my dissertation which I based my case study on a book/diary by Dorothea Herbert.

Post it Hell!
Post it Hell!

There are two layers of post its here and a combination of mini post its as page markers and to mark important events as well as larger posts to bullet point events. Clearly I have post it issues but for me -note taking works when it comes to revision for me.
Plus so far on my little Bloggitty I have mostly reviewed Urban Fantasy, Paranormal romance and Fantasy novels. But at the moment, it is something which I go through at times but it is a little more intense at the moment, is the number of romance novels I have been reading lately. This ranges from historical romances by the likes of Lynsay Sands through to more contemporary, adult romances like Rachel Gibson – as well as a lot of new authors as well as the adult counter parts to YA authors that I love for example J Lynn to Jennifer Armentrout.
its amount of contemporary fiction that I’ve been reading lately which is confusing me because I don’t know if it something I want on my blog. Not because I have issues with those sorts of blogs, I actually follow quite a few, a favourite being The Book Lovers Review. But more on a basis of whether I want to have to try and contend with the huge number of sites focused on these kinds of books. But I’m thinking I will try it out on a couple of my favourite books and ill see how it goes.

Maebhe x


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