Tea Blog: Scotland Week 2

Hello again,
Compared to the stress and upheaval of last week, this week has been pretty quiet and I have been more focus on becoming settled into my new ‘home’ and meet new people. I have taken this quiet time before my classes start tomorrow to just go dandering about the city & get accustomed to the public transport here.
While I am well used to getting the trains while at Queens a large part of the public transport in Edinburgh is the bus system which to be honest I am not entirely fond of yet, just because I don’t have the place I need to get to set in my head and that makes the bus system harder to understand. However the Lady at the Bus station whose name I never managed to catch was an absolute jem & helped me get my route to work sorted. Without her I probably would have just given up.
I had my first shift at my new Nike at the Craigleith shopping centre here on Saturday and I have to say that everyone was really lovely and made me feel so comfortable. And while I am still getting used to the new location and new managers etc.

I think I had the most fun exploring Princes St especially the Princes park which had a gorgeous view of the Edinburgh Castle as well as performers in the park rocking out on bagpipes.

I also got a chance to see inside of Jenners for the first time this week. It is an extremely large and old fashioned department store filled with high end stores. not some where I could afford to shop however it is really beautiful especially the inside which is filled with drapping fairy lights.




As I plan on taking my mum here on my next visit. As it is considered the Harrods of Scotland and apparently has an amazing Christmas tree display that I cant wait to see.

The most important development this week was the beginning of my university classes. The change in start date between undergrad and postgrad, feels so late that I reached the point where I was excited to get up early in the morning & I am not a morning person- more like an imitation of medusa. Although to be honest the thought of getting up at 6;30 tomorrow for work isn’t as appealing. 😀

I will have a short post up soon about our experience through my class when we got to go to Blackwell’s bookshop as well as an interview with the Society of young Publishers Scotland and the Publishing manager at Floris Publishing house.

Maebhe x

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