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Lynsay Sands, Argeneau 10th Anniversary Contest

Back to Book related news!! WooHoo!!
So in the book world which I entered but was a little late (that pretty common at the mo sorry) was the announcement of Lynsay Sands 10 year anniversary of her Argeneau series. For those of you who are not aware of this series, You are seriously missing out however since im a nice person this way I am gonna give you the low-down!!

So the Argeneau series is a new take on that well loved Vampire/Urban Fantasy novel. However unlike a lot of series out at the moment, her series is hilarious and has escaped from the slightly cliché alpha male who dominates his pre-destined female. Lynsay Sands has combined the Atlantis myth with the Vampire mythology to create a brand new ‘Immortal’ myth.

However what makes me love this series so much is how Lynsay writes her characters, they have a sense of humour which is just addictive, as well as personalities which are clearly defined and changing between each book. It is these variations between the male protagonists, all still sexy and awesome but also nerdy guys, artistic guys, grumpy, old fashioned, clueless & off course romantically challenges which draw me back again and again to her books, they are more addictive than Tea!! While it can be argued that other series have a new guy for each book, there is just such a variation here that I struggle to find in other books, beyond the huge, hulk who saves the damsel. In Ms. Sands series I can get my romance fix, heroes, heroines, drama and suspense all wrapped up in a witty, sarcastic bundle.

But it is also the women of this series that I love, while it still creates that romantic ideal that we can become a perfect version of ourselves it also shows a wide range of women. All skin tones, tall, short, curvy, skinny, and every career band in-between. Creating that ability to slot yourself into the fantasy without her every making you feel that you need to be perfect to find that romantic, happily ever after, because there is love long before that.

However enough with the mushy, fan-girling!! Back to the contest.

Ms. Sands is holding a 10th anniversary contest to celebrate the release of her newest book ‘One Lucky Vampire’, the draw is on the Nov 26th so there is still loads of time to enter and it is a readers choice award, so its basically picking your favourite novel/couple from her Argeneau series. However the link is on the right hand side of the blog, just down a little. Click on the image and it will take you to her site, with all the rules and regulation and it is really easy to enter & the prizes look to be amazing!!!

(p.s I get nothing for you to enter & I am not affiliated with Ms.Sands or her publisher to any degree.)

let me know if you decide to enter and if so what your favourite book is & why?

Thanks as always for taking the time to read this & I will be back soon!

Maebhe x

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