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Tea Blog: Halloween!!

Halloween was a blast! I feel my costume turned out well even if some people didn’t understand or think it qualified as a proper costume – I loved it!!

So I went as a gothic Rosie the Riveter! WW11 We Can Do It! Poster woman.
If I wasn’t doing the pose which I know is the wrong way round in this photo, people assumed I was a biker moll like from Sons on Anarchy. And inspired some of our photos I’ll show later on.
(My gosh that wall is making me look really tan when in reality im so pale i make Casper jealous! lol)

The hair was a lot harder to do than it normally is since I’d just had my full fringe cut back in les than 2weeks ago during my visit home to Ireland. So I didn’t have a whole lot of hair to work with & I had to improvise a little. A Barrel roll is fairly easy to do – separate your fringe in a u-shape from temple point-to-temple point and pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. The hair you have separated curl the hair with a curling tong in the direction you want the roll to go, so i wanted my roll to face my parting so i curled my hair that direction. You then backcomb the inside of your curled hair – so since mine curled into my parting – i backcombed the side of the hair closest to the parting & leave the outside so the it can be smoothed over the top of your roll. Gently roll your hair in the direction you want, gently brush the end of your hair to combine the curls and just roll them up into the roll. The best youtube video is definitely Cherrydollface’s because her directions are really clear and simple to understand.

But the girls in my flat had a blast making the most of what might be there only Halloween, but id have to ask to show their photos but ill see if they want to share.
halloween '13 1
Back to Halloween – ended up at the Three Sisters Bar in Edinburgh’s Cowgate. Which is Edinburgh Napers associated nightclub. And while Lizzie turned up at my flat before so we could walk up together.
halloween '13 7
We ended up meeting a lot of our fellow Publishing girls and having a good night and a giggle with everyone.
But there was one seriously creepy clown floating bout the nightclub, inspiring thoughts like Stephan King’s IT (one of the scariest books ever in my opinion) and you could hear girls screams moving across the club as he did. He was so freakn rude & annoying but we refused to allow him to ruin our night.

So it ended up being a great night but we walked home with very sore feet from all the dancing 🙂

A sister site was also christened just before Halloween – this is;
This is a blog focusing on me and my friend lizzie’s tea adventures in Edinburgh, She is a friend I have made since starting at Edinburgh Napier. And we share a love for tea (& food) 🙂 And this seemed the perfect outlet & excuse to visit as many tea shops as possible and be able to say its “work” and experience for hopefully a career in Publishing.

So id love for you’s to check it out, its still very early on but we hope to update more often as the craziness of the moment passes, and let me know what you think of it. 🙂
Now back to uni work… sigh 😉


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