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Tea Blog: Vintage Hair trials & tribulations

My Masters degree is currently taking over my life. If I am not researching some current project, working on a IT programme or looking on publishing developments I feel like I have the energy to do nothing but sleep. But thankfully I should be in the middle of a quiet spell until my next assignment is due but I am gonna try & get it handed in early so I have more time off when I fly home for Christmas.

However I have managed to squeeze in some fun & I will definitely be getting into the Christmas spirit this weekend as my mum is flying in to visit me this weekend with my aunt. And Edinburgh is in full Christmas mode! the Christmas lights are up and the Christmas markets are in full swing!
Half my diet now consists of Costa’s Gingerbread and cream latte which comes with golden star sparkles and an adorable gingerbread man on top. As I have now began to realise that Scotland is scarily cold. And while I thought I was prepared for the weather coming from Ireland. And these little gingerbread men are helping me survive the walk home from university on these late evenings when its pitch black & freezing before I have a finished class or escaped work.

So in between essays and presentations I have managed to fit in 2 fun things. The first being an interview for a vintage hairdressers/clothing store here in Edinburgh called Miss Dixiebelles. I was called to do a hair trial just over a week ago now and it ended up going very well. On my volunteer hair model who was extremely nice I pin curled her hair & then put her hair up – with a barrel roll in the front and then two victory rolls down the sides. As well as brushing out the curls to create that 1940’s feel. In all honesty I am completely self trained, practising on myself and friends only. So this was my first experience in a real salon outside my mothers salon back home – who I always have to believe is gonna be a little biased in my favour.
However what I was most impressed with on this day was how well my own hair lasted. As it not only survived so well in a rather windy Edinburgh, all through uni and even after my trial my victory rolls which I had done at seven thirty in the morning survived all through the day until I took them out after ten at night.
This is them at the end of my day:
But this is them & the outfit I wore to my trial:
I am going to do a tutorial on how to do victory rolls on my new blog coming soon called: http://moxiemaebhe.wordpress.com/
Which will focus on vintage hair styles, fashion and crafty things 🙂

As I want to give it, its own post. Up next will be my vintage fair adventures at LouLou’s Vintage Fair which came to Edinburgh last week & a tiny haul!!


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