Tea Blog: LouLou’s Edinburgh Vintage fair

I cant sleep because my mum has flown into Edinburgh for a really quick visit to see me – so it is three in the morning and i am watching Spirited Away while i type up this post. So we have been enjoying the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland Christmas market and have been getting a little spoiled for the past two days while treating my mum and my aunt to all the touristy things I’ve discovered so far while living in Edinburgh.

But back to the topic at hand. On the 17th of November the LouLou vintage fair came to Edinburgh. It was held within the Hub on the Royal Mile just before the Edinburgh Castle. And i ended up having an amazing day – it was a great break from all the essay writing i had that week.


I love the staircase in this place – its so dramatic and old worldly. The Hub itself is beautiful and the two rooms where the clothing, accessories and other crafts were being held were really beautifully laid out. I especially loved the little cafe they had set up on the top floor for the day. It had a real high tea feel.

However the best part was the vendors and the products being sold at the fair. The vendors were incredibly nice people and were willing to talk and advise on the products they were selling but also some of the most fun was i had was simply nosing through the ranks of clothing – searching for bargains and trying to see what was the most popular. Miss Dixiebelle’s was also there doing their usual amazing hair and make up – so everyone was looking amazing!


I did end up with a very tiny haul – as i bought two things while i was there. the first item was a black and floral circle skirt from an adorable and incredibly affordable boutique called Vi Nouveau.
The owner Zoe was incredibly nice and all her stuff was so cute, if it hadn’t been the end of the month and i hadn’t been so incredibly broke i would have bought everything! But i love my skirt and i wore it just this Saturday for my friend Hannah’s Birthday at the Amicus Apple. I wore it with a peter pan collar shirt and some black leggings and it was so cute and comfy. So i would highly recommend her stuff to anyone looking to add a little vintage flare to their wardrobe.


I also got a really cute bookish necklace from a boutique called Dear Rose, With Love. Its a really cute quote cameo with a little pink stone and a book charm attached.

Over all I had a really fun day despite the fact that I was going back a presentation and working on an essay – which seems to be a majority of my life at the moment. But I know there is another fair on this weekend at the Picture House called Judys Very Vintage Christmas – With the Santa Run and my work Christmas do on this sunday lets see if I can squeeze it into my day.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well!!

Maebhe x


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