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Quickie Tea Blog: Resolution update

Just in regards to my Goodreads book challenge for 2014 I have taken my target down to 50 instead of 75.

While this is really early to start having to adjust my expectations I have begun receiving my university timetable for this year and 75 books would be adding so many levels of stress to my life that I do not need.

So I hope this doesn’t seem like a cop out but a more honest realisation of what is practical for me this year and giving myself the opportunity to keep university as my most important development for this year.

However I am still going to try and make these books as mostly new reads if I have to beg borrow or steal them!! But we will see how things go!!

Thanks again,

N.B. I know looking at my goodreads it says I completed my 2013 reading challenge but this is because I added the books that I didn’t really want to admit reading because I consider them more guilty pleasure reads that the kind of books I want to discuss here – So I have decided it doesn’t count & I’m going to start again!!


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